Leather Repair & Leather Craft Tips

Furniture and clothing made of leather are usually quite expensive, but because leather is so durable we sometimes tend to leave it unattended far too long.

Leather Care

It's common for a leather sofa or leather jacket to go for years without a proper cleaning. It's also inevitable, that you will eventually realize how much nicer leather looks with some care and attention.

Leather Repair

Sometimes, your favorite leather jacket or leather furniture gets torn. What do you do then? In many cases a simple leather repair kit will solve the problem, but other times a professional is needed. Getting more familiar with the basics of leather goes a long way when you need to make an assessment.

Leather Crafting

Leather is also a wonderful material to work with. The art of leather craft is an age old tradition reaching back into ancient times. There are clubs and societies founded on various uses of leather and custom leather crafted items are highly valued in many circles. A hand made gift made of leather will last years and can hold fond memories.

Leather Facts

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